New Zealand

Generally New Zealand Government by global standards offers a very good level of support when it comes to social welfare assistance. Still there are areas within the society where some level of assistance is still required to help those who fail to meet the Government criteria to qualify for assistance.

New Projects

2011 Christchurch Earthquake Appeal about-help

On Tuesday 22nd February, 2011 the people of Canterbury and New Zealand faced their darkest hour. A catastrophic earthquake of a magnitude 6.3 struck the beautiful city of Christchurch at 12.51pm shattering the lives of many. The cost of rebuilding the lives of people and the city is estimated to be well over $12 billion. (Picture sourced from New Zealand Herald)

Please send your donations to:
Humanity First NZ
Name of Bank:                        ASB Bank Limited
Account Number:                   12-3032-0236062-00
Branch or transit code:           3032 (Manurewa)
Bank SWIFT Code:                ASBBNZ2A

You can also help by supporting the following fundraising activities:

  • March (Auckland only) @$5.00 each. To order call 021 1336146.

  • Car Wash – get your car washed for $5.00 at 20 Dalgety Drive, Manukau on Saturday 19th March from 7.00 am.

  • Walk for Humanity – walkathon planned for Saturday 09th April, 2011 in Manukau. To sponsor a walker or to register for participation, contact 021 1336146 or email:

Ongoing Projects

‘Breakfast for Kidz’ Projectl about-help

Certain school in low socio-economic areas are offered assistance with supplies of breakfast for hungry children who for whatever personal circumstances arrive to school on empty stomach. This programme was initiated by HFNZ in 2009 to provide breakfast for school children at schools in low socio-economic zones. Two schools have been successfully engaged over the last 12 months with good success. HFNZ coordinator, Mrs. Mehar Singh has provided over $250 worth of breakfast supplies to these schools in Auckland which has fed 40 poor children over 2 school terms. The project will be ongoing and more schools will be engaged in the new school term. Pictured on the far right is Mrs. Mehar Singh, HFNZ Co-ordinator donating the supplies to Clayton Park School in May 2010.

Refugee Assistance about-help

In August 2010 HFNZ in conjunction with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at NZ undertook to provide emergency blankets and cooking utensils for refugees recently released from the NZ Refugee Centre.

HFNZ volunteer, Mr. Muhammad Yaseen Chaudhary (second from the right) who is the chief coordinator with the New Zealand Refugee Centre has been actively involved in offering support. Over $300 of urgent supplies were delivered to the family needy urgent support during the cold winter month.

Past Projects

‘Help for Homeless’ Project about-help

Food and clothing rations are offered to safe house shelters for the destitute and homeless, including working with other NGO’s to supply of fresh meat for their kitchens.

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal 2010 about-help

At 4:36am on September the 4th Chirstchurch, New Zealand was woken by a huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake, causing buildings to collapse, roads to crack and power and water outages right thoughout Christchurch and neighbouring areas. HFNZ responded to a national appeal and contributed $3,000 to the New Zealand Red Cross who were established a Trust for the victims of the disaster.

Pike River Mine Disaster Appeal about-help

On 19th of November 2010, a small mining community in New Zealand near Greymouth was devasted by an explosion in the Pike Rive Mine which claimed the lives of 29 miners.

The Mayor set up a trust for the families of the victims and a nationwide appeal was made. HFNZ raised funds through community efforts and contributed NZ$2,500 to the Trust Fund.

Pacific Islands

New Zealand traditionally has always provided support to its smaller island neighbours. Humanity First New Zealand’s (HFNZ) focus is no different as the ties between the Island Nations go beyond humanitarian aid. Most Pacific Island economies general depend on their larger neighbour to contribute in the development of, but not limited to, Education, Health, and Roading Infrastructure. However, as the Islands are in the tropic zone, natural disasters are a common occurrence.

‘Plant A Seed’ Project – Fiji Islands

The main Island of Fiji was devastated by massive floods due to tropical rain fall and cyclones in 2009. The HFNZ team with the help of volunteers in Fiji delivered emergency food rations to outlying areas that could not be reached by the Governments own disaster assistance teams. As the next phase of reconstructing peoples’ lives, HFNZ team in Fiji in liaison with the Government Rural Advisory team embarked in providing assorted vegetable seeds and fertilisers to farmers to re-invest in their farms and bring some normalcy to their lives.

Samoan Tsunami Relief

On the morning of 30th September 2009, the Island of Samoa was struck by a massive earthquake measuring a magnitude 8.3 quake, followed by a tsunami

The National Disaster Council projected the cost of infrastructure damage following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami had been estimated at more than NZ$52.6 million with over 200 people dead.

Given the relationship of New Zealanders and the large number of Samoan residents in New Zealand, there was massive response in relief from all sectors of the community.

HFNZ, with the assistance of HF UK and HF Canada contributed NZ$20,000 in direct monetary aid to the Samoan Prime Minister’s fund. A letter of commendation and thanks was received from the Samoan Prime Minister’s office to HFNZ. Below is a copy of the acknowledgment letter.

Other Relief Efforts

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Raising

Haiti faced its worst disaster in January 2010 when an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince causing massive damage and loss of life. As part of Humanity First International’s global fund raising initiative, HFNZ launched a fund raising project within New Zealand through its web site and regional Triangle TV, as well as selling pre-packed lunches to the public and business houses. The effort successfully raised US$6,110. Pictured on the right is Mr. Eqbal Khan assisting in the preparation of lunch as part of the fund raising efforts.

Pakistan Flood Relief

In August 2010, Pakistan was affected by its worst flooding in over 80 years with over 20 million people affected and more than 1,600 deaths. HFNZ responded to the global appeal by Humanity First International by raising funds through raising profile via the TV, postures and community. Pre-packed lunch packs were prepared and sold as part of the effort. In total, the New Zealand effort raised NZ$5,200. Captured on photo in the process of preparing lunches were HF volunteers, Mr. Basharat Khan, Mr. Sheeraz Raheem and Mr. Safeer Khan.